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Laundo provides a comprehensive repairs and alterations service – including, but not limited to – size adjustment, waist adjustment, buttons moved / replaced, zip repair / replacement, sleeves / trousers lengthened or shortened, dresses / skirts lengthened or shortened, collars / hems repaired, jacket lining, invisible mending, darning, patches, pockets, in fact pretty much anything that needs a repair or alteration – even curtains. Laundo has the expertise to carry it out professionally and meticulously.

Free Quotations available
If you have a much loved item that needs some care and attention let Laundo wave its magic needle and thread. Costs vary depending on the item and required work, but some standard costs are shown in the Repairs & Alterations toggle below. We are happy to provide a free quotation, simply book a collection and we will collect the item (please supply a detailed description of what it is you wish done) and Laundo will get back to you with a price before proceeding with any work.

Laundo loves repairs and alterations


Repairs & Alterations take a little longer than our usual turnaround time, we will call with an estimated delivery time on receipt of the article.

If you have any particular or special requirements please call 0800 048 7335, alternatively you can email or use the form below.

Button Repair  £3.00
Coat Lining Repair  £23.00
Curtains Shortening  £34.50
Dress Shortening  £17.50
Dress Tapering  £30.00
Lining Dress  £35.00
Lining Jacket  £65.00
Lining Skirt  £25.00
New Zip (0″ to 10″)  £15.00
New Zip (10″ to 30″)  £30.00
New Zip (30″+)  £45.00
Open Button Hole  £8.75
Patch Repair  £14.00
Rehem Dress/Skirt/Coat  £12.75
Rehem Trousers (1 Leg)  £7.00
Remove Front Pocket  £8.65
Repairs/Alterations  £12.00
Sewing Name Tags  £1.50
Skirt Shortening  £18.50
Sleeve Lengthening  £24.00
Sleeve Shortening  £24.00
Small Repair  £6.00
Top Shortening £12.00
Trouser Lengthening  £15.75
Trouser Shortening  £15.75
Trouser Tapering  £27.50
Trouser Waist In/Out  £17.25




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